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Why the director, Jamie Knight, was interested in making documentary film, Rape of the Wild?

As a film maker who studied documentary film making with Sunny Yi at York University, TORONTO and film editing at Ed Video, Guelph, Ontario it became a special interest to me to continue to advance further into a film career. Inspired by Andre Collard's book Rape of the Wild, University of Manitoba theatre professor Chris Johnson and other professors who encouraged me to read, learn and work toward my film goals serve as 'soul binding' efforts helping me to be a better person. All of the film makers involved in creating this film were inspired by your love for animals who share our world with us. In Canada...well 'Nature defines us'.

QUICK BIO: Jamie Knight studied theatre  at University of Manitoba, YORK University, and University of Winnipeg

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Understanding all of the amazing people around us we know in Canada that our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will do what is right to promote healthy attitudes towatoward animals who help us in WAYS that are just not replaceable. Canada needs to ban dog,cat and racoon-dog fur and we look to a brighter future when we realize fur in fashion leads to unnecessary pain and suffering for everyone involved. Focusing on all of all materials we have access to such as linens,Muslin,cotton,silks,hemp and so many more we are confident the economy will do better.

It takes a dedicated crew to make a film.

A dedicated film crew director Jamie Knight, film editors, story editor, including 4 cinematographers who donated their timtime helped make this production happen. Rape of the Wild is a metaphor title used to explain the tradgic changes that can take place in the world and ultimately 3ffect Canadians when the politicians are not working together to make the world a better place to live.

Rape of the Wild, FUR TRADING in Canada

Rape of the Wild: Dog, Cat, Racoon-Dog Fur Trawe in Canada

Interview with MP Libby Davies

Interview with Libby Davies -MP Vancouver West on the subject of dog, cat fur sold in Canada

Interview with Melanie Dubois (french)

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Niagara Dog Festival

Why did we go to Niagara's DOG festival? To hear what dog caregivers 

,supporters had to say about the dog, cat and racoon-dog fur trade in Canada.


Father Anton in St. Catherine's explains why the Pope changed his name to Francis to become his HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS




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